About Us

Founded in 1968, on the French farthest island in the Pacific Ocean, Marine Corail is deeply rooted in the Caledonian’s references for boating supplies, fishing, and leisure equipment. Inspired by the Caledonian lifestyle and all the wonderful activities our country has to offer, this family company developed itself to be the leader in many universes related to the sea, beach, sailing, boating, outdoor activities, fishing, spearfishing, diving, beachwear, sailing apparel, etc.

In parallel, Marine Corail offers a wide range of technical boating products such as Marine electrical, electronics & navigation, engine systems, boat maintenance, batteries, engineering, plumbing, fittings, boat seatings and covers and more.

With their experts and commercial team, Marine Corail is the rendezvous for every passionate who enjoys the world of the sea.

Our mission is to equip, supply and bring new opportunities for our customers to enjoy the island activities and seamlessly providing performance, quality, and novelty.

Marine Corail is the unique boat dealer in the country for the luxurious French CNB Group which gather renowned brand like Lagoon Catamaran, Beneteau, Prestige, Jeanneau and Excess. As such, the company is an inflatable and rigid-inflatable boat dealer as well, with the trusted brand Highfield. Thus, Marine Corail can offer to their customer a very wide range of boat size, appearance, shape, and utility.